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Our Vision

We want to become the enabler to revolutionize the construction industry. Our technology for the digitalization of shotcrete processes bridges the digital world with the real world of construction.

Our solutions will make sustainable construction become a reality.

Our Mission

We develop solutions to digitalize the process of shotcrete that:​

- strongly improve workers well-being and working conditions at construction sites
- dramatically reduce the CO2 footprint of the construction industry

Our Values

We are driven by passion, excellence and high ethical standards. We embrace challenges as opportunities to learn and to excel.

We are bold!

Sustainability goals

MOBBOT is committed to the sustainable goals as set up by the United Nations.

UNO - 11 sustainability cities and communities
UNO - 8 decent work and economic growth

Sustainable and resilient infrastructures

Basic infrastructure for energy, telecommunication and water and rail are key for the development of countries, urban areas and cities.

UNO - 12 responsible consumption and production
UNO - 13 climate action

Responsible consumption of raw materials

Cement accounts for 8% of the global carbon footprint.


We enable to reduce the cement and concrete consumption that have a direct impact on the total CO2 emissions and climate action. We enable to increase strength properties of construction materials, use less concrete, chemicals and energy. The use of local and alternative construction materials is possible.


We contribute to the circular economy.

UNO - 9 industry innovation and infrastructure
UNO - 5 gender equality

Decent work for everyone and economic growth

Through automation of sprayed concrete and construction materials, we foster productivity and digitalization of the construction sector.


We improve working conditions of workers and regional economic resources utilization.

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