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Spray the exact amount from the start


Mobbot intuitive Concrete Thickness Scanner monitors in real-time the thickness of concrete sprayed in tunnel construction. It is equipped with a Lidar sensor that provides a continuous scanning tracking the progress of the spraying. It displays the thickness as

a color map directly on the wall in real-time, enabling operators to know exactly the amount of concrete sprayed. On the spot, nozzlemen can adjust their spraying accordingly and avoid multiple interventions. 

Concrete Thickness Scanner

Color map displaying sprayed concrete thickness directly on the wall

180° scanning and display radius

Continuous scanning with refresh rate of 60-90 seconds

Scan & Display design - patent pending.jpg

Mobbot Concrete Thickness Scanner is designed to work in difficult environments and resistant to dust, humidity and concrete rebounds. This easy-to-use device is equipped with a self-cleaning system allowing the device to keep sensors and displaying light clean. 

Product benefits

  • Reduction of concrete use

  • Productivity improvement

  • Reduction of logistics of waste

  • Less training/experienced  nozzlemen required

Initial scan before concrete spraying session starts

S&D initial scan.jpg

Real-time concrete thickness measurement displayed

S&D displaying colors.png

Using projection technology results of the thickness measurement displayed directly on the tunnel’s wall, on the exact spot where the sprayed concrete is deposited. 

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