The automation of construction: a growing sector


Mobbot has developed a unique 3D concrete printing technology for the construction of custom-made concrete products which perfectly integrates into BIM (Building Information Modelling).

MOBBOT uses exponential technologies like digital design, simulation, integration (DDSI), robotics , sensors IOT, and advanced analytics and combine them with a 100-year old technique - sprayed concrete. The speed and the robustness of the technology are unprecedented and offers new possibilities for digital fabrication.

The start-up focuses on applications in the infrastructure sector.


The speed of the technology allows our customers to produce an element which would usually take 3-5 days by using casings in less than an hour. The savings for our customer allows for the reduction of his costs by >40% and to save 30% on materials in comparison with the traditional process, by using MOBBOT's sustainable technology.

The technology developed by MOBBOT is the only technology which allows the creation of structural elements with regular concrete. It is also the only technology which can integrate rebars - traditional reinforcement.

We don't print sausages of concrete, we produce structural and monolithic elements with similar performance than PRECAST but 25x faster and in a more ecological way !

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