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Mobbot partners with EXiron AG for IoT Solutions

Dernière mise à jour : 13 avr.

This partnership will be beneficial to all Meyco machine customers, as this collaboration will offer better support in resolving concrete spraying machine breakdowns, which is an improvement over the well-known MEYCO Data system.

"A partnership like this will give us many opportunities in the future to support you, as a customer of MEYCO products, with new technologies in the application of shotcrete and thus reduce costs".

“I am excited about this partnership as it fosters a 24/7 connectivity to the shotcrete operations and provide a second life to Meyco products which are worldwide known and highly rated robotic shotcrete machines.“

How it works ?

Mobbot IoT box connects to the concrete spraying machine through a port. It monitors spraying equipment and collect data to optimize concrete spraying processes.

Having full visibility of the process parameters enables contractors to identify potential flaws

Product Benefits:

  • Identify operational problems through performance

  • Prevent faulty equipment hazards

  • Track operator training

  • Reduced employees' workloads and resources for troubleshooting and data management.

  • Simplified interactions with machine suppliers

Independent system that connects to the machine through a CANbus port.

Cloud-based dashboard accessible remotely.

100% customizable dashboard based on client's needs and project.

Learn more about Mobbot IoT Solutions or send us an email at for more information.

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