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Mobbot's project recognized among the top 4

Dernière mise à jour : 16 mars

In the past 12 months, Mobbot has been working on the Project called Mining The Future for the Future Circular Collider of the CERN.

The Future Circular Collider of the CERN envisages the construction of a 100km long collider. The Future Circular Collider Feasibility Study (FCCIS), is committed to investigate the technical and financial viability of a potential future facility at CERN has also set up a contest named Mining the Future.

Mining The Future™ contest aims to find sustainable reuse solutions for 23 Mio tons of Molasse excavated material. Mobbot and partners were selected and awarded among the top 4 sustainable solution for the future underground FCC project.

The future Circular collider and the associated research infrastructure would be located in the Geneva basin, straddling the France-Swiss border. It would be placed in a complex of tunnels, alcoves and caverns, between 200- and 300-meters underground.

The geology of the basin is known as Molasse. Today Molasse material is considered as an excavation waste and must be treated as such.

The Mining the Future competition is looking for sustainable reuse solutions for excavated molasse material. It wants to support technologies to integrate this material into the future circular economy.

Together with our partners Amberg Engineering, Medusoil, Bilger & Partner, Holcim, Pagani Lanfranchi and Hagerbach Test Gallery we have been working over 12 months on a proposal entitled: CER3N: Recycle, Revalorize, Reinvent".

The project entails:

100 km long tunnel in the molasse of the Geneva basin

9 million m3 of heterogeneous excavated material

Wanted: Industrial application for molasse sediments

Competition: 4 phases with different requirements

The consortium’s proposal consisted, on one hand, of an efficient sorting system which tackles the heterogeneity of the Geneva molasse and produces tailor-made soil compositions at reduced energy costs. On the one hand, low quality sand and Molasse powder can be added to concrete for producing concrete for shotcrete for underground construction using unique and patented Mobbot® technology.

On the other hand, the excavated soils which cannot be valorized for producing concrete, can be reused harnessing MeduSoil’s bio-binder™️ products and Mobbot® earth spraying technology.

The controlled spraying process proposed by Mobbot®, enabled to integrate on one had the material into shotcrete fractions to build the underground infrastructure and on the other hand materials can be used for earth sprayed material for building elements.

Our project has been recognized among the top 4 selected projects presented (more detail here) at the Award Ceremony at CERN on September 27th 20222.

We are committed to continue our innovation and help future projects in finding sustainable ways to build underground infrastructure.

The summary of the project :


C3RN - Recycle, Reinvent, Revalorize (

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