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Telemetric and Data Analysis Solutions for Tunneling

Contractors in the tunneling industry use a wide variety of machines for different applications as well as different measuring devices to capture physical phenomena.




Le secteur de la construction amorce sa mue technologique



Winner of the IoT Climate Award

Révolutionner la fabrication du béton à l’aide d’un processus entièrement numérisé

Prizes & Awards

1 sept. 2020

Industrie 4.0 - The shapers

Recognition given by the CLCI - Les Chambres Latines du commerce et de l'industrie

1 févr. 2019

Venture Leader Program

Start-up team traveling to Silicon Valley

1 juil. 2018

VentureKick Stage I

CHF 10'000.-

1 juin 2019

VentureKick III

CHF 100'000.-

1 déc. 2018

IMD Start-up competition

CHF 5’000.- and MBA class collaboration

1 mai 2018

EPFL Isabelle Musy Prize for a woman entrepreneur in technologies and science

CHF 50'000.-

10 mai 2019

MOBBOT est le gagnant du W.A. De Vigier Entrepreneurship Prize 2019

CHF 50’000.-

1 nov. 2018

VentureKick Stage II

CHF 20'000.-

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