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Reduce rebounds and improve shotcrete quality

Deploy the DEP™ and standardize shotcrete quality

The DEP device - Mobbot Shotcrete Distance Optimizer - consists of a distance sensor and its self-cleaning system. It is installed on spraying machines to measure the optimized distance between the nozzle and the excavated surface. Once the optimal spraying distance is set, the DEP indicates in real-time with a light (LED string) that switches on

when the operator is outside the optimal range allowing adjustment of the boom position on the spot. By having an optimized distance between the wall and the spraying head, the spraying compaction is better, generating less quantity of rebounds and concrete sticks better to the wall. It provides an overall better quality of concrete while reducing its use. 

DEP™ – Distance to excavated profile sensor

The DEP™ sensor is based on a radar technology and it was designed to operate in a tough working environment and is equipped with a self-cleaning system that allows a full removal of the concrete and dust during its use. 


→ Reduction of rebounds
→ Increased operators' safety
→ Cost savings
→ Improved quality of concrete
→ Train less experienced operators


→ Installation possible on any kind of shotcrete machines
→ Laser technology efficient in tough working conditions
→ Can be used as a single device or connected to the Mobbot dashboard

Connect the DEP™ to Mobbot cloud-based Dashboard

Enable additional data collection for processes reviews and shotcrete enhancement. More info

Dashboard DEP.png

What factors influence the quantity of rebounds?

  • Nozzlemen's technical skill and experience

  • Spraying direction (up, down, horizontally)

  • Spraying parameters (air pressure, nozzle, spray output)

  • Spraying process (dry/wet sprayed concrete)

  • Sprayed concrete mix design (aggregate, grading curve, accelerator, fibers, binder)

  • Sprayed concrete performance (very early strength, adhesive strength, layer thickness)

  • Substrate condition (evenness, adhesion)

Factors influencing shotcrete quality.jpg

Source: SIKA Spaying handbook

Wastage reduction
By keeping an optimal spraying distance even in the most difficult situations the nozzlemen has a way to control the spraying distance without putting himself in danger.

The expected rebound reduction is of 6-10% points

Quality improvement
Reducing the spraying distance variability enables to keep the compaction rate constant and improve the overall concrete strength and quality

Cost Savings
Reducing rebound reduces the workload to clean the wastage evacuation and landfill costs

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